Hotels and Resorts Choose RMD Group Consulting to Develop Bar and Restaurant Lifestyle Amenities


Hotels and Resorts Choose RMD Group Consulting to Develop Bar and Restaurant Lifestyle Amenities

Remember the old days when hotels and resorts competed by offering cable TV, or a microwave? If there was a pool with a bar, you might have thought it was a 5 Star Resort. In a census conducted by STR Global, there were roughly 5 million rooms available in the US in 2015. Up from 3 million in the late 90s. Today’s highly competitive hotel and resort industry now focuses on amenities that advertise lifestyle and experience, rather than heating up a quick hot meal in your room. Customer experience is the forethought of demographically driven marketing campaigns, along with installing Instagram hot points to engage customers to post to their social accounts.

So how does a specialist in owning and operating bar, restaurant, and nightlife venues, like RMD Group, help hotels and resorts create more lifestyle and customer experience focused properties and offerings? RMD Group Director of Consulting, Jason Mitchell offers some insight on what they are doing for hotels and resorts today, to position them as lifestyle destinations tomorrow.

“As bar, restaurant, and nightlife operators, through experience and an incredible team of industry professionals totaling more than 500, we’ve developed very specialized services through trial and error, testing, travelling, and training. Our entire business is lifestyle driven and built on customer experience, as well customer service. We also manage a very large hotel account in San Diego, with several F&B outlets, and have tested our lifestyle models there with great success.”

In 2018, RMD Consulting gained more traction in the hotel and resort industry when they were contracted by Turning Stone Resort and Casino, Verona, NY to oversee the resort’s bar and nightlife operations. These operations included a number of themed bar concepts and a large Vegas style nightclub in a fully developed entertainment wing of the property called Exit 33. They brought success by evaluating their existing bar and nightlife operations, and implementing a plan to increase their performance. In addition they helped to place their existing Director of Nightlife who is continuing to drive the performance of these venues.

Also that year RMD Group Consulting was engaged by Montecito Venture Partners and Marina Resort, Big Bear, California to assist in executing their vision to renovate the existing property to a boutique lifestyle hotel and resort. MVP’s plan was to rebrand and redevelop the hotel, but most importantly add amenities including the development of an indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar, which would service all seasons and position the hotel as Big Bear’s top destination. Additionally, a new pool bar was designed to service the lake front pool and recreation area, as well as the lake front walking path being added in future city development plans. These improvements would also create the ideal space for future wedding and corporate private events, as well as holiday concert events, tying together the customer experience property wide.

Mitchell states, “We take a very analytical approach when concept developing or operating a venue. When we space plan, we are meticulous about maximizing revenue per sq. ft. and enhancing the customer experience in all aspects of the property. We focus on thinking like the customer, and understanding how the fastest growing demographics think and make purchasing decisions to stay ahead of the curve. We love to establish an existing performance threshold and then exceed that threshold creating success for the groups we work with. We are looking forward to the hotel and resort projects we are working on in 2019/2020, and in to the future.”

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