Vision. Passion. Execution.

Wherever you are in the process, we can help. Tell us your needs, your insights and ideas. Together, we’ll develop a rock-solid plan to overcome the challenges you face. Experienced and uniquely qualified, RMD brings the firepower to execute your vision at the highest level.


Our approach

Whether the engagement addresses a specific concern or a complete reconcepting, we apply the same holistic, 360° approach. You’ll see how each aspect of your business is interconnected, creating efficiencies that will save you resources and time.

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Phase 1:


Leverage our firsthand industry knowledge to flesh out the most viable version of your concept that will thrive in your market.

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Phase 2:


Create and execute a bullet-proof roadmap to design, fund, develop, staff and open your business.

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Phase 3:


Maximize profitability through efficient daily operations, marketing and accounting, guided by our direction and insight.

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Phase 4:


Stay a step ahead of market competition and trends to sustain success and identify future growth opportunities.

We are in business to create exciting experiences for guests and a sustainable source of revenue for our clients.

We provide:

A great venue enhances life’s experiences. Every new concept launched or struggling venue rescued will become a space where lasting memories are created, a place that people cannot wait to experience again. ​

Hotels & Resorts

Welcome to the new generation of hotels & resorts, where dynamic food, beverage and nightlife experiences have become the norm.

We specialize in creating guest experiences that extend beyond the doors of the venue, seamlessly integrate throughout the property, and tell an enticing story that generates social media buzz and diversified revenue streams.


More than just nightclubs, the surging trend of hybrid nightlife experiences has raised the bar of guest expectations. As owners and operators of these types of venues, our knowledge is state-of-the-art.

We apply our own firsthand research and analysis when assisting our clients to maintain a leading edge in this rapidly evolving space.

Restaurants & Bars

We love food. We love craft cocktails. When we try the latest restaurant and bar concepts, we take in every detail – floor plan, lighting, service, decor, glassware and garnish. 

The top venues balance harmony and surprise to delight today’s newer and older generations. In our own venues, we blend great food and drink with vibe and experience to create a winning recipe.


Request for Consultation

Let’s get to work

We’d love to hear what you have in mind.

    Request for Consultation

    Let’s get to work

    We’d love to hear what you have in mind.