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What does it take to bring a venue to life? Not just open for business but crackling with buzz, pulsating with energy, delighting guests with unexpected surprises. These venues have a special glow, an attraction that pulls people in and keeps them coming back for more. With a proven process and decades of experience, we’ve driven the success of numerous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs – in San Diego and beyond, from start ups to rebrands to promotions for established industry leaders.

These are RMD Group venues. Imaginatively concepted, strategically developed and expertly executed. For fresh ideas, better margins, and unparalleled industry expertise to get the job done, partner with RMD Group and awaken your project to its fullest potential.

Why RMD?


There is no substitute for the vision that comes from experience. Seeing what’s been done, what’s happening now and what’s ahead, you can avoid costly roadblocks and detours. We make the path forward clear. The result is a process that’s predictable, efficient and profitable.


Our proven approach will energize your team with confidence. We have the expertise to balance strategy and efficiency with the urgency to capitalize on opportunity. Whether we take it all on, or work in support of your existing team, we’ll push your venue beyond any false limits to reach its fullest potential.


We are not outside consultants. We are owners and operators ourselves, using the same proprietary process, vendors and philosophies at our own properties. Actively testing, refining, improving and learning, each day at each venue is another data point, which keeps our expertise state of the art. 

“With Side Bar you have a rarely seen run of success. RMD has been so strategic with positioning the club, it continues to draw people in and register great revenue numbers.”

Frankie Sciuto - New Owner, Side Bar

“Since RMD’s very first changes were implemented, the numbers have been phenomenal… there’s a halo effect to what they achieved with the dining and events. People book rooms and conferences because of our restaurants.”

Matt Greene - Director of Food and Beverage, Hard Rock Hotel


“I fell in love with the Lumi rooftop concept immediately. The operations plan, ambiance, decor, energy, location…working with RMD, we have perfected all of the details that matter in creating a successful project.”

Chef Akira Back - Partner, Lumi

“RMD were the only partner we trusted to figure out how to put a modern rooftop on top of a 130-year-old building with both amazing design and quality. They have delivered on every promise.”

Sumeet Parekh - Managing Partner, HP Investments



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