RMD Consulting brings “lifestyle” to Big Bear hotel and resort project.

Recently acquired Bear Mountain is getting ready for a lifestyle change. With the continued expansion of the ski and snowboard industry, a select few of the industry’s largest investment groups continue to purchase ski resorts around the country. At the top of that list, a group comprised of Aspen Skiing Co., KSL Capital Partners, Intrawest, and Mammoth Resorts, will be re-developing Southern California’s biggest ski area. This has raised the brow of other investment groups who now see future opportunity in Big Bear, CA.
One of these groups is Montecito Venture Partners LLC., who identified a need for a new lifestyle resort that appealed to a younger, hipper demographic, as well as families. With laser focus, they recently acquired the famous Marina Resort, situated lake front in the area’s most premier location at the foot of Big Bear Village and only a short distance from Bear Mountain. They knew they had to rethink the design and flow of the whole property, and create a stay destination for the area. With this acquisition they also knew they needed to hire a consulting firm that specialized in bar, restaurant and nightlife consulting and operations, as well as understood the connection between the resort and lifestyle experience.
In April of this year, RMD Consulting was engaged to assist in executing their vision. Their plan was to rebrand and redevelop the hotel, but most importantly add amenities to position the resort as Big Bear’s number one stay destination. These amenities included the development of an indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar, which would service all seasons. Additionally a new pool bar was drafted in the redesign to service the lake front pool and recreation area. These improvements would also create the ideal space for future wedding and corporate private events, as well as holiday concert events. Additional amenities would include on premise sports rentals, as well as a styled out, 4×4 limo shuttle bus, with flat screen TVs that would whisk you back and forth to the mountain at any time during the day.
RMD Consulting is currently working with Montecito Venture Partners, LLC. and OBR Architecture to concept, space plan, and develop the restaurant and bar outlets on the property. Additionally RMD Consulting is assisting to create a customer lifestyle experience that will extend beyond the bar and restaurant outlets to all amenities being offered by the resort. The project is targeted for completion in 2019.