March of the Michelin Men: San Diego Attracts Chefs with Major Star Power

Beef is arguably the most protean of proteins: Versatile and adaptable, it is a true gastronomic chameleon. It’s also a menu workhorse whose rising popularity has been buoyed by a confluence of favorable factors like lower commodity prices, rising consumer incomes and continued demand for high-quality protein.

Chef Back is already sold on San Diego, which he said is underrated in the food world.

“All eyes are on the San Diego culinary scene right now,” Back said. “There’s so much room for innovation and creativity, and I saw a huge opportunity when I was approached by RMD Group to collaborate on Lumi. Being able to … make my mark on what I feel is a major culinary destination made this decision an easy one.”

Mina agreed that San Diego is increasingly amassing a culinary critical mass.

“There’s obviously people right now doing some really good food there, without a doubt. When you have a city that has a really good clientele, inevitably more and more chefs want to be there and it feels like its happening right now.”

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