Steak And Whisky Society

The American steakhouse was created in the mid-19th century and was primarily housed in inns and bars. Somewhere along the way, steak began to take on a fancier demeanor, and in response, restaurants began serving quality cuts with white table clothes, dark liquor, and dim lighting.

When we developed the concept for Huntress, we knew we wanted to create a restaurant that was unique in taste and atmosphere. The idea for a steakhouse needed to go above and beyond just being “modern”. Huntress was created to be San Diego’s most distinct steak and whisky society, offering the finest cuts of meat and the freshest seafood in a contemporary, captivating atmosphere where music elevates every dish.

We’ve curated a menu that pays tribute to every flavor involved. It’s not just the quality of the steak that matters; it’s understanding where the meat comes from and the process of getting it from the farm to our butcher’s block. At Huntress, every ingredient is respected, and we strive to create more responsibly-sourced cuisine by working with farmers and fisherman who are earth-conscious as well.

Along with serving the best steak in San Diego, Huntress also offers one of the largest collections of Japanese Whisky in California. Whiskey lovers can enjoy tasting rare and unique spirits, paired with their favorite dish, or enjoyed in a beautifully designed cocktail.

The charm of Huntress comes not only from offering signature dishes and exceptional service, but from the sophisticated and contemporary environment. Huntress was designed to be a destination for special occasions, memorable gatherings, and a modern steakhouse experience. A star-worthy catwalk overlooks the first floor, giving guests a unique and elevated view from the Mezzanine. The showstopper: a multi-level, floor to ceiling wine display and an intimate, wine tasting private table for those who enjoy VIP treatment and eagle-eye views.

Huntress provides an alluring experience to provoke your primal instinct, capture your senses, and charm your evening. The Huntress is a powerful persona of strength, elegance and primal instinct.  Smooth and sophisticated, the restaurant is a direct reflection of the Huntress herself. Where will she strike next?


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Finest Cuts of Meat

Strategic Menu Design
To Stabilize Food Costs

Extensive Japanese Whiskey Selection

Curated Beverage Program Featuring Extensive Japanese Whiskey Selection

Perfect for Cocktail and Liquor Connoisseurs

Creative Cocktail Programming
That Increases Revenue

Contemporary Design

Immersive & Contemporary Design
With Latest Lighting & Sound Technology