Here’s The Beef

Beef is arguably the most protean of proteins: Versatile and adaptable, it is a true gastronomic chameleon. It’s also a menu workhorse whose rising popularity has been buoyed by a confluence of favorable factors like lower commodity prices, rising consumer incomes and continued demand for high-quality protein.

Big vs. Small.  While beef snacks and appetizers can provide a pop of protein and indulgence at a smaller price, a moderate price tag doesn’t connote minimal creativity.

Huntress, a “sophisticated steakhouse and whiskey society” coming onstream this spring in San Diego, will open with an opening course of Beef Sashimi with picked kohlrabi, ponzu demi vinaigrette and shiso. Similarly, at Burwell’s Stonefire Grill in Charleston, S.C., Wagyu Beef Tartare benefits from an Asian marinade, emberred mushrooms, yuzu slaw with uni mayo, furikake, and fried wontons. Miami’s Beaker & Grey looks to a different part of the globe for inspiration; its Cheeseburger Croquettes are spiked with a side of Peruvian huancaina sauce made with cheese, onions and aji amarillo peppers.

Beef eaters who would rather go big than go home can be satisfied, too. Smith & Wollensky’s Steak for Two menu includes a 46-ounce porterhouse and a 44-ounce Snake River Farms American Wagyu ribeye, suggesting the two carnivores in question have seriously substantial appetites.

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