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Below you will find our Project Life Cycle Model and a list of our services that can assist your business. With every client we take a dedicated approach to first understanding your vision and brand, and how your business will or does operate. Then we determine where you fit into the project life cycle and what services fit your current and future needs. With this we utilize tested and proven strategies that will drive revenue, and most important profitability. Whether your business is small or large, we provide the professional guidance and services that will help your nightlife, bar, or restaurant business become more successful. Please start by reviewing our services and completing the simple RFP below. We look forward to speaking with you!


Consulting Services Offered

  • Restaurant Consulting
  • Bar Consulting
  • Nightclub Consulting


  • Standard Operating Procedure Audit
  • Inventory Control and Theft Prevention
  • Vendor Relations
  • Human Resources Management and Compliance
  • Staff Recruitment, Hiring, and Training
  • Employee Retention and Incentive Programs

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales, Marketing, and Promotions Planning
  • Sales Team Training
  • Social Media
  • Creative Promotions Development and Execution
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations Strategy

Financial Management

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Expense and Cost Control
  • Profit & Loss Analysis
  • Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Reports


  • Concept and Design Development
  • Branding and ID Package
  • Construction and Permitting
  • Pre-Opening SMART Plan
  • Food and Beverage Program
  • Investment Models and Funding Strategies

Entertainment and Event Planning

  • Corporate and Private Events Management
  • DJ, Live Performance Artist, and Celebrity Host Bookings
  • Music Festivals and Block Parties
  • Sound, Lighting, and Technology Assessment

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Case Studies

RMD Consulting conducts Industry specific Sales Training for Nor Cal venues

Jason Mitchell | Published on September 1, 2017
Nightlife Consultant achieving results for our clients.

With 500+ employees and years of sales experience, RMD Group has accumulated a wealth of sales data. RMD Consulting recently set forth an effort to put this sales data to use by creating a series of sales training for bars and nightlife venues. This became a realization when “…we found several companies inquiring about Industry specific sales training“ says Jason Mitchell the Director of Consulting Services.

To date some of the biggest venues in cities like Sacramento have come to RMD Consulting with this request and a problem. That problem is how do we position and encourage our employees to do more selling inside and outside the venue? And in today’s changing market place, driven by the Millennial customer, how do we capture and retain sales from one of the most challenging customer bases in sometime.

To find a solution the first step was to conduct an evaluation of their current operation. RMD Consulting reviewed job descriptions, interviewed staff and managers, and worked on-site during hours of operation. RMD Consulting was able to determine one important fact: their employees did not view themselves as salespeople, and many of their daily/nightly tasks were not sales related.

As a solution, RMD Consulting conducted sales training that remove the title of Cocktail Server, VIP Host, Bartender, and Busser, and replace it with Salesperson. The training focused on core selling principles, industry specific examples in relationship building, internally developed sales systems like I.D.E.A.L., and how to utilize social media to convert sales and put more tips in their pockets. The training have resulted in greater upselling percentages, more repeat clients, and greater overall sales. Learn more about how RMD Consulting can assist your business at www.rmgroupsd.com/consulting.

Butterfly London & Absolut Vodka collaborate with RMD to research: “future of socializing”

Jason Mitchell | Published on August 8, 2017
Nightlife Consultant achieving results for our clients.

How nightlife goers are socializing and interacting, identify new interest groups, and building relationships is changing. Hashtag “millennials” if you haven’t already. Absolut Vodka knows this and recently engaged Butterfly, a digital agency based in London, to help them predict what the future of socializing might look like. In doing so they identified three US cities that were on the cutting edge of this social shift. San Diego was selected as one of these cities due to its exponential growth in the hospitality and craft beverage sectors, and for its overall creative quality of life. Butterfly then engaged RMD Consulting to provide strategic insight regarding social behaviors and what social nightlife experiences were sought after in SoCal’s sunniest city.

After evaluating five main social drivers, that included self-expression, experiential learning, and belonging, RMD Consulting built a social schedule of San Diego’s most multifaceted social nightlife experiences. RMD Consulting then hosted team Butterfly and Absolut and visited these experiences which included Craft and Commerce’s “speak-easy style Tiki Bar”, Rustic Root’s socially engaged roof top, Moonshine Flat’s Friday night line dancing lessons and gaming, Quart Yard’s charity blood drive, and Parq’s sound and lighting sensory driven nightclub. What both teams detracted was that nightlife goers are seeking multifaceted experiences that encourage social diversity. These experiences need to have meaning and create a community. Learn more about how RMD Consulting can assist your business at www.rmgroupsd.com/consulting.

RMD Consulting studies other bustling US cities for iconic Hard Rock Hotel

Jason Mitchell | Published on April 4, 2017
Nightlife Consultant achieving results for our clients.

Recently the Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego encountered a common business challenge. With two long standing nightlife venues, both of which were successful for years, it was time to re-invent these venues to stay competitive in San Diego’s ever changing market. To start the process they needed to conduct intelligent market research to identify what was hot and trending, had “staying power”, and was not currently an offering in San Diego. Most importantly they needed to identify a nightlife partner that could assist them with a “market study” to evaluate San Diego and similar cities to identify new and potential concepts for both venues.

Hard Rock Hotel selected RMD Consulting as the company best suited to do so. This market study evaluated 10 US cities with similar demographic, spending, and growth patterns, as well as the current San Diego landscape. After sifting through research data, comparing varying concepts, outreaching to personal networks in these cities, and identifying opportunities where concept niches existed, RMD Consulting was able to provide the Hard Rock Hotel with viable market opportunities. Additionally, RMD Consulting mapped the current San Diego nightlife landscape to outline the most successful venues and what attributes continue to make them successful. After conducting this market study, and identifying new concepts for both venues, the Hard Rock will move forward with RMD Group as their nightlife partner to re-launch both venues in the fall of 2016. Learn more about how RMD Consulting can assist your business at www.rmgroupsd.com/consulting.


Very pleased with the service!  We had already worked with RMD group in a number of different capacities, but this was the first time we worked with the consulting division.  They were very knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about our project.  After a few initial meetings to nail down the scope of work, the product they delivered was right on point, and what we were looking for.  When delivering the presentation they were organized and on point, allowing us to have a robust discussion while continuing to use their market expertise to guide the discussions.  We would not hesitate to use them again! - Brad B. at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Beyond Satisfied!  We were put in contact with RMD group through a mutual vendor.  Being well aware of the projects they have been a part of in downtown SD, I thought my bar "The Brass Rail" in Hillcrest would not interest them, and that they would be way out of my price range.  Quite the contrary!  From the moment they first stepped foot in our club, they were incredibly positive, supportive, and extremely excited to be a part of a landmark in San Diegos history.  Every meeting was professional, on point, and never a waste of time.  Every email or call is returned promptly.  There is a wealth of information among the members of RMD and they are quick to share what they have learned over the years.  We are still working with RMD today and will use them on any projects we have in the future.  If only I could figure out how to make a Lobsta Roll that would make them all proud!! - Gayle S. at Brass Rail

Cannot say enough good things about these guys.  We hired them to assist us with our Cafe startup.  Very very professional, knowledgeable and effective.  Hiring consultants is always tricky, but RMD carefully examined our needs and provided us with excellent advice, which turned out to be extremely useful for our operation.  On a personal note, let me add that they were really pleasant to deal with.  Even better was the fact their rates were very reasonable.  We feel like we received very good value and plan to use RMD again in the future, for the next stage of our project.  If you are looking to get involved in the restaurant or nightlife business, definitely give them a try. - Kevin J.

Interested in learning more about what RMD Group talked about at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Convention?  Download our full presentations below with panelist commentary from Wayne Partello (San Diego Padres), Felix Goodson (VAVI Sport & Social), Steven Cox (TakeLessons), and Sanja Komljenovic (ONA Creative). This year’s topics include: “New Trends in Social Media and “Building Loyal Clients in a Millennial’s World”.