Tequila & Latin American Street Food

Offering Downtown’s largest tequila selection and Latin American cuisine within a stylish social space, Volcano Rabbit expertly blends high energy with contemporary dining to create an enticing dining out experience in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.

The first thing people notice about Volcano Rabbit is the name. Unique, strange, odd, mysterious, weird…we knew we had something special cooking up the moment the idea came to fruition. But a rose by any other name is still a rose, right? What about the cuisine? Tacos and tequila were a good start, but Volcano Rabbit needed to be something bolder. A menu with a bit of a wild side to entice foodies, tequila lovers, and socialites. Drinks so large and tasty they were meant to be shared with friends. And a sleek interior with a large central bar to pair perfectly with a social atmosphere. This is how Volcano Rabbit was born. Taking our restaurant to the next level required creativity, taste, and a little bravery.

Volcano Rabbit explores the vibrant and diverse street food culture of Latin America, highlighting the big, bold flavors that make this region’s cuisine uniquely delicious.Some of the world’s best dishes can be found at roadside carts and cafes on the streets of Latin AmericaOur chefs take their inspiration from these dishesadding new flare to traditional flavors. In addition to your favorites from Mexico like tacos, empanadas and fajitas, we will take you on a culinary journey even further south to savor regional favorites like Spanish paella and salchichas Peruvian aqua chile, and rotating Latin American dishes that showcase seasonal ingredients. 

Our cocktail menu features their signature libations and a variety of margaritas, as well as other refreshing Latin American specialties including our take on caipiroska from Brazilcohijtos from Cuba, and pisco sours from Peru.   

Because tequila is the backbone of Latin American dining culture, Volcano Rabbit offers one of the largest selections of tequila in San Diego! Not sure what you are craving? Try a flight of tequila and sip on your favorite varieties. And for our die-hard tequila lovers there are VIP lockers to stash your personal bottles in. Private lockers come with the luxury of receiving half-off bottles, invitations to exclusive events, special tequila tastings, and more!


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Largest Tequila Selection in Downtown San Diego

Beverage Program Featuring Largest Tequila Selection in Downtown San Diego

Stylish Social Space

Stylish Social Space 


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Tequila Lockers for VIP Drinkers

Tequila Lockers &
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