RMD Consulting conducts Industry specific Sales Training for Nor Cal venues.

With 500+ employees and years of sales experience, RMD Group has accumulated a wealth of sales data. RMD Consulting recently set forth an effort to put this sales data to use by creating a series of sales trainings for bars and nightlife venues. This became a realization when “…we found several companies inquiring about Industry specific sales training” says Jason Mitchell the Director of Consulting Services.
To date, some of the biggest venues in cities like Sacramento have come to RMD Consulting with this request and a problem. That problem is how do we position and encourage our employees to do more selling inside and outside the venue? And in today’s changing market place, driven by the Millennial customer, how do we capture and retain sales from one of the most challenging customer bases in sometime.
To find a solution, the first step was to conduct an evaluation of their current operation. RMD Consulting reviewed job descriptions, interviewed staff and managers, and worked on-site during hours of operation. RMD Consulting was able to determine one important fact: their employees did not view themselves as salespeople, and many of their daily/nightly tasks were not sales related.

As a solution, RMD Consulting conducted sales training that remove the title of Cocktail Server, VIP Host, Bartender, and Busser, and replace it with Salesperson. The training focused on core selling principles, industry specific examples in relationship building, internally developed sales systems like I.D.E.A.L., and how to utilize social media to convert sales and put more tips in their pockets. The trainings have resulted in greater up-selling percentages, more repeat clients, and greater overall sales.