RMD Consulting studies other bustling US cities for iconic Hard Rock Hotel.

Recently, the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego encountered a common business challenge. With two long standing nightlife venues, both of which were successful for years, it was time to re-invent these venues to stay competitive in San Diego’s ever-changing market. To start the process, they needed to conduct intelligent market research to identify what was hot and trending, had “staying power”, and was not currently an offering in San Diego. Most importantly, they needed to identify a nightlife partner that could assist them with a “market study” to evaluate San Diego and similar cities to identify new and potential concepts for both venues.
Hard Rock Hotel selected RMD Consulting as the company best suited to do so. This market study evaluated ten US cities with similar demographic, spending, and growth patterns, as well as the current San Diego landscape. After sifting through research data, comparing varying concepts, outreaching to personal networks in these cities, and identifying opportunities where concept niches existed, RMD Consulting was able to provide the Hard Rock Hotel with viable market opportunities. Additionally, RMD Consulting mapped the current San Diego nightlife landscape to outline the most successful venues and what attributes continue to make them successful. After conducting this market study, and identifying new concepts for both venues, the Hard Rock will move forward with RMD Group as their nightlife partner to re-launch both venues in 2018/19.