RMD Consulting takes beverage to next level for famous Carnitas’ Snack Shack.

If you live in San Diego or have visited to try some of the best in Mexican cuisine, you most likely have waited in line at the famous Carnitas’ Snack Shack. Known for their carnitas and triple threat sandwich, their 3rd location on the Embarcadero had a new business opportunity and challenge: a full service, waterfront bar. As masters of Mexican cuisine, they had no experience in bar operations and only served craft beer and wine at their other locations. With over a million Embarcadero visitors annually, and cruise ship terminals on their door step, they would need assistance designing a bar and beverage program that maximized efficiency and revenue.
With RMD Consulting’s extensive experience in bar design, operations, and menu development, it was a perfect fit. Working closely with the Carnitas’ team, RMD Consulting integrated themselves into the design process and collaborated with architect and engineers. The goal was to ensure the bar design had the most efficient space plan for bartend staff to process tickets and maximize sales. The bar footprint was expanded, two extra wells were added to the design, and SOPs were outlined to process tickets for the bar as well as the quick service food window. A beverage program was built with emphasis on offering local breweries, local distilleries, and brands that had a nautical theme and story. A specialty drink menu was developed and tested to pair with their famous food offerings. Hiring fairs and staffing assistance helped attract some of San Diego’s top talent. And most importantly, seating was planned to ensure gorgeous views of the waterfront and Coronado. The Carnitas’ Snack Shack Embarcadero store is now a destination for tourists and residents as they try local craft beer and sip delicious cocktails while watching the sunset wrap up another sunny San Diego day.

The results you’ll have to see for yourself (