San Diego’s Sexiest Nightclub and Lounge

Side Bar Nightclub and Lounge has been a staple in San Diego for over 14 years. The original concept was the first to offer bottle service in the downtown area, and helped plant the seed for the development of our now brag-worthy Gaslamp hospitality community.

With the ever-changing nightlife landscape in San Diego and the increasing level of competition around every corner, it’s rare for a nightclub or bar to survive more than three to five years. In order to stay at the front of the pack, it was crucial for Side Bar to reinvent itself both strategically, aesthetically, and socially. The idea was to be high-end without being arrogant, trendy without being common, and exciting without being out of reach.

The recently renovated Side Bar is a cozy New York-style nightclub and lounge known for its over-the-top personality, unpredictable parties, designer craft cocktails, and loyal community. Part dance club, part sophisticated lounge, Side Bar is both a destination to sit, sip, and nosh or get wild and pop bottles. Side Bar has a glamorous yet intimate feel and a mix of bold theatrical features and playful feminine elements. Striking metallic finishes blend with warm coppers and avant-garde floral patterns.  Shades of pink and an enchanting botanical feature evoke a whimsical garden feel that elevates any professional or social event.

Luxuriate in the lounge with sharable plates and delicious drinks in a lively, yet unwindable vibe. The venue is set up with open-air windows and patio seating, giving you a perfect view of downtown San Diego’s bustling streets. Stay a bit later, and this upscale bar and lounge turns into a unique, boutique nightclub, complete with a front-and-center DJ booth, an LED wall, dazzling light shows, and stimulating champagne shows. Far beyond a one-trick-pony, Side Bar throws parties that fit a wide variety of tastes, audiences, and personalities. From the infamous midweek Industry Night to the classy live acoustic Lounge nights, there is a side of Side Bar for everyone!


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